What Companies Should Learn from IAC's Justine Sacco Fiasco


This is an excerpt from a post I wrote for Prosek Partners' Unboxed Thoughts blog.  Read the full post here.

"Seriously, are there no IAC execs on Twitter? Did they just not follow their now former Head of Corporate Comms Justine Sacco?  Was there ever a closed door conversation to discuss how to handle a senior PR exec who sandwiches Tweets about earnings with jokes about autistic children? Nobody caught that one either, huh?  It was right there on the internet for over a year.  It's no wonder Sacco had a history of Tweeting things unbecoming her position at IAC because nobody seems to have noticed or cared before Friday."

Is Branded Content Helping or Hurting the Online Video Community?

“I would argue TV shows and movies like ‘Fashion Star’ and ‘The Internship’ that are branded within an inch of their lives cheapen traditional media as much if not more than a few sponsored video misfires on YouTube."

Great Time at VidCon 2013

I had the best time at VidCon 2013! Met so many positive, inspiring and talented people; saw lots of good friends, was part of a great panel and gave Mark Malkoff a decent massage. Huge thanks to John and Hank Green for making VidCon such an awesome experience every year!

With cardboard Wil Wheaton at the Geek and Sundry booth. 

Advertising panel with Shira Lazar, Sarah Penna, Joe Penna and Yuri Baranovsky.

VidCon 2013 Schedule


Going to VidCon this year?  On Thursday, August 1st Wilson will be chatting with Taryn Southern, Joe Penna (aka Mystery Guitar Man), What's Trending Host Shira Lazar and our fellow Leap Year creator/producer Yuri Baranovsky about how creators can work with advertisers to make stuff people want to watch. "Helping Advertising Fit the Marketplace, Not Vice Versa" Thursday, Aug 1 at 10:45am. More info: VidCon.com

On Friday, August 2nd Wilson will be talking about how creators can raise money for their projects. "How to raise money: Advertising, Brands and Angel Investors" Friday, Aug 2 at 12:30pm. More info: VidCon.com

Hope to see you there! 

Leap Year Wins Streamy for Best Branded Entertainment Series


Thrilled to announce that Leap Year, the series we created and produced for Hiscox Small Business Insurance, has won the Streamy Award for Best Branded Entertainment Series! Thank you Streamy voters for recognizing branded entertainment can be subtle, character and story-driven.

Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year Gets 3 IAWTV Award Nominations

Leap Year's Alexis Boozer and Josh Malina presenting at last year's IAWTV Awards in Las Vegas.

We're thrilled to announce Leap Year, the original series we produce for our clients at Hiscox Small Business Insurance has been nominated for 3 IAWTV Awards including Best Ensemble Performance, Best Writing (Drama) and Best Drama Series. This year's awards will be held at CES in Las Vegas Tuesday January 8th. Read the full list of nominees here. Congrats to all. See you in Vegas!

NATPE Awards Leap Year with Digital Luminary for Branded Entertainment

Hunter Hoffmann from Hiscox and CJP's Wilson ClevelandWe're thrilled to announce that NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives) has awarded Leap Year, the scripted original comedy we produced with Happy Little Guillotine for Hiscox Small Business Insurance with its 2012 Digital Luminary in the branded entertainment category, which recognizes excellence in an original online video series that is funded primarily through a brand sponsor. Other 2012 Digital Luminary recipients include NASA, Yahoo!, Charlie Todd and the original series Aim High 9Cambio) and Wainy Days (My Damn Channel).  

Recipients in categories ranging from Branded Entertainment Series to Online Video Personality will be honored during an awards presentation hosted by our friend Alex Albrecht at noon on Wed, Jan. 25 during NATPE 2012 in Miami. The event will also be streamed live at www.natpemarket.com/digilumi.

Read the entire NATPE announcement here.